Why Use Salt-X?

Salt! Without it we cannot live, though there are times when we all wish we could. Those who live in a salt environment, whether it is along the coast or in the snow belt, know firsthand the headaches salt can cause by corroding virtually anything it touches. Finding a way to fight salt damage is a real challenge.

Enter Salt-X: a super concentrated rinsing and flushing agent whose sole purpose is to remove salt. Customers that have made Salt-X a simple part of their maintenance routine are seeing tremendous cost savings by eliminating damages resulting from salt build-up.

How Does It Work?

When applied to surfaces, Salt-X finds its way into each crack and crevice, dissolving salt crystals, thereby stopping the corrosion process. Salt-X also contains a corrosion inhibitor compound that actually leaves a dry, non-oily coating to further protect surfaces against salt exposure.

An excellent example of Salt-X at work is in marine engine cooling system flushes. Once marine engines are powered off, salt remains and builds up in the cooling system. When Salt-X is used as a flush, it travels through the galleries of the engine, destroying this salt build-up.

And not just for marine use – Salt-X can be safely applied to any part of your car, truck, ATV, snow or seasonal outdoor-related equipment, without leaving any white residue. It is water soluble, non-oil based and environmentally safe. Used regularly, it lengthens the life of your valuable assets while also ensuring performance is not sabotaged by corrosive salt build-up.

Repeated use of Salt-X by commercial, industrial and military customers have shown that, when used regularly as part of a daily and or weekly scheduled preventive maintenance program, Salt-X removes even the harshest build-up of salt and salt film from all types of surfaces, without harming paints, oils, greases, fabrics, rubber items, plastics etc. thereby adding years to the useful life of the equipment.

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