How to Use Salt-X

Salt-X is a concentrated rinsing and flushing agent designed exclusively for the removal of salt residue and crystals from virtually any surface! As aggressive as Salt-X is in removing even the harshest build up, laboratory tests have proven Salt-X to be non toxic and environmentally safe. And it is very easy to use:

• For personal and general marine usage –

Spray Salt-X and let dry

• For industrial usage and/or more significant grime or snow build-up:

1. Wash or pressure wash the surface
(depending on amount of build-up)

2. Then mix 2oz of Salt-X per gallon of water

3. Spray the entire surface thoroughly

4. Leave to air dry

NO rubbing, scrubbing or further rinsing required!

The protection and economic benefits of Salt-X, make it a MUST for anyone in a salt environment. Wherever salt is a problem – Salt-X is the solution.

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