Top Dog Acquires Five New Snowmelters

August 30, 2021 – Top Dog Services has acquired an additional five Trecan Snowmelters. These new snowmelters include three Trecan 135-PD Snowmelters, one 180-PD Snowmelter, and one 80-PD Snowmelter. Top Dog Services fleet of 13 Trecan Snowmelters range from the CT-15 to the 180-PD. Top Dog Services is proud to operate the largest fleet of privately owned snowmelters in North America. Top Dog Services’ snowmelters are always available to mobilize to that next blizzard, wherever it might be. Our snowmelters are the perfect tool to help safely and efficiently melt snow. For Inquiries on snowmelter services, please call our office phone number at 301-655-5695 or email us at

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