Monthly Archives: August 2021

Top Dog Services is proud to add CID- Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to its family of customers in a multi-year snow removal contract. Beginning November of this year, Top Dog Services will be handling all of the airside ramp snow removal and melting services. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and are excited to begin providing our exceptional service to our new Iowa family.

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Top Dog Acquires Five New Snowmelters

Top Dog Services has acquired an additional five Trecan Snowmelters. These new snowmelters include three Trecan 135-PD Snowmelters, one 180-PD Snowmelter, and one 80-PD Snowmelter. Top Dog Services fleet of 13 Trecan Snowmelters range from the CT-15 to the 180-PD. Top Dog Services is proud to operate the largest fleet of privately owned snowmelters in North America.

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